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The First Smiles difference

A smile is a powerful thing. It can instantly spread joy and laughter, or convey kindness and compassion. It influences how people see us, and how we see ourselves.

Specialist Paediatric Dentist Dr John Winters and Specialist Orthodontist Dr Siva Vasudavan know the importance of a beautiful smile goes beyond appearance; it can affect our health, our speech and our self-esteem.

They’ve come together to create Perth’s first fully integrated specialist centre for Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic care as there are so many benefits from both a patient and treatment perspective.

Selling Points

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    Co-ordinated specialist care

    When you visit First Smiles, you’re not coming to see one type of Specialist – you have access to both a Paediatric Dentist and an Orthodontist in the one place.

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    Latest technology and treatment

    We invest heavily in the latest technology and treatment options so we can give you the best possible result, with the minimum inconvenience.

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    With you for life

    Toddler, adolescent or adult – we bring healthy smiles to people of all ages. We offer continuity of care so First Smiles becomes your child’s dental home.

Meet your smile specialists

  • Dr John Winters
    Specialist Paediatric Dentist

    Dr John Winters is well aware how his actions determine how a child will view dental treatment for the rest of their life. With over 35 years experience, he is an expert at making little patients feel at ease…

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  • Dr Siva Vasudavan
    Specialist Orthodontist

    Your smile has the power to transform your face, so it’s important to make sure you’re in expert hands. Dr Siva has undertaken more than 10 years advanced clinical training at world class tertiary institutions including Harvard University ….

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How can our smile specialists help you today?

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Integrated Specialist Care

  • Paediatric Dentistry

    No child is too young to visit the dentist, and your child should have their first dental visit at around 12 months of age. Baby teeth provide the framework for the development of adult teeth, and looking after them is an investment in your child’s smile for life. While there are many dentists who provide treatment to children, a Specialist Paediatric Dentist has completed additional training in this specialised field to ensure your No.1 receives the best possible care.

  • Orthodontics

    Every child should visit a Specialist Orthodontist by 7 years of age. Whilst some children won’t be ready for orthodontics at this age, a timely consultation allows us to provide early intervention to guide growth (if required) or continue to monitor your child’s dental development until the perfect time for treatment. And if you’ve arrived a bit late, there’s no need for despair – there are always options for delivering a beautiful smile at any age.

We make little and big smiles healthy smiles.

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We would be delighted to welcome you to our integrated, specialist dental practice. Whilst many of our patients are referred to us by their General Dentist, it is not necessary for you to have a written referral to see a Specialist Orthodontist or a Specialist Paediatric Dentist.
First Smiles

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